Northwest High School Graphics

Rose Design was commissioned to create lobby wall-graphics as well as the student seating area for Northwest High School in Omaha, Nebraska. The goal was to promote the school’s Government, International Diplomacy and Law programs using real and Interpretive graphic maps that represent the global economy.

The lobby has two facing walls. Each wall is approx. 30’ wide by 17’ tall. The requirement here was to use the earth’s continents, quotes from global leaders and the school’s colors. Since these were large, flat walls, they wanted the graphics to create a sense of depth and connectivity that would mirror the importance of the quotes. The graphics were printed out and hung like wallpaper.

For the seating area, we pulled out the subtle background used in the lobby, accented them with the school’s colors, and made them into abstract algorithmic shapes. These graphics were placed in back-lit shadowboxes which make the deep tones and highlights really resonate.