Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook

The Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook is an absolute must-read for designers, with lots of tips to help with graphic design, digital design, and interactive development. Even the most seasoned hands will probably learn a few new best practices for crafting digital designs. Design techniques to ease the transition from pixels to code. There are now more of the fundamental Pixel Perfect Principles, including Users, Motion, and Prototyping.

It’s available as a PDF or for iBooks here:



Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook

Flat Design

Flat design has been popping up all over lately. Websites, apps, even bags of potato chips in the grocery store seem to be jumping on the band wagon of all things flat! The real question is, is this simply a trend, or will it stick around for good?


At Rose Design, we love the back-to-basics feel of a flat design, so we can focus on simply getting a message across on all forms of media and devices.


flat design


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